Elijah Norton And His Phenomenal Success Story

If you have the right business ideas and you apply them judiciously, you will definitely make money. This is not just a theory. It is a fact and one smart investor is living proof that this is true. Elijah Norton is a success story today because he has put his business ideas to good use.

Biography of Elijah Norton

Eli Norton is named after the great Elijah Hise Norton. His illustrious ancestor was a US congressman, a Missouri Supreme Court Judge and a signer of the Missouri constitution.  Eli Norton studied political science at St. Louis University but he is not a practicing politician. Instead, he has decided to make a name for himself in the world of business. He is a start up specialist and he has established two very successful companies. These firms are Red Auto Protection and Car Guard Administration.

Red Auto Protection

CarGuard (1)Elijah Norton started this company in May 2011.  This firm began with just two employees. Today, it is a successful company and employs over 70 people and its revenues exceed $12 million per year. Eli Norton’s secret of success is simply his passion for customer protection and integrity. Mr. Norton believes that if you care for your customers and you go the extra mile to offer them great service, you will succeed in business. Red Auto Protection is based in Missouri but it provides (VSC) vehicle service contracts to customers in many states in the US. This firm is noted for honesty, integrity and excellent relationship with customers. This is why it has very low customer complaints.

CarGuard Administration

This firm is located in Leawood Kansas in the state of Elijah Norton Missouri. Elijah Norton founded this company to provide the best vehicle service contracts to customers who need this vital service. In just four months, the firm grew from zero contracts per month to over 1,000 vehicle service contracts per month. At the time of writing this article, CarGuard does over $8 million per year in revenue. According to Eli Norton, this phenomenal growth can be attributed to just two factors. These are commitment to innovation and excellent customer service. Below are the five protection plans offered by Elijah Norton or Eli Norton CarGuard.

The Powertrain plan

This plan protects the parts of your vehicle that are most likely to breakdown. These include the engine, the transmission, drive axles and the transfer case. It also covers the transaxle, seals and gaskets.

The Powertrain Plus and the Powertrain Enhanced

These two plans are enhanced versions of the powertrain plan. The only difference is that more items are covered by these two plans.

The Gold Plus plan and the Platinum Plus plan

These plans are excellent “two in one” plans. They cover almost every part of the vehicle and they are cost effective because you get good value for money.

Final word

Red Auto Protection and CarGuard Administration are excellent firms. Sign up today and you will experience the best vehicle service contracts in the industry.


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